C R A I G. G R I F F I T H S : a l t e r n a t i v e. a u s t r a l i a n. m u s i c

Craig Griffiths gets regular radio airplay in the USA, Australia and Canada. 'Fuzzface Fights the Ninja' was chosen for a US Hendrix tribute album and by skater legend Tony Hawk for his RideTV channel. Craig's loved the 'interesting' side of life since his free-range childhood roaming Sydney from Bondi to Kings Cross and he's been in a labyrinth of funk, punk, metal, blues and eccentric music ever since. He loves loud guitars, fuzz pedals on 11 and recording studios. New album 'carnivalism' out in 2017. *Check the meaningless charts*

At the moment his ears are loving Jeff Beck, Hedvig Mollestad, Trent Reznor, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Bombastic Meatbats, Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Primus, Carl Jah, QOTSA, Stevie Salas, Author & Punisher, Joe Gore, Steve Vai, Joni Mitchell, Aleks Sever, Cosmosquad, Gretchen Menn, Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, George Lynch, Greg Koch, Rollins Band, Toe, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Gilbert, Galactic, Beasts of Bourbon, Beth Hart, X-Ray Press, Tom Waits ...

click for demo from upcoming album 'carnivalism': Fuzz Factory


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