C R A I G. G R I F F I T H S : a l t e r n a t i v e. a u s t r a l i a n. m u s i c

Craig Griffiths gets regular radio airplay in the USA, Australia and Canada. 'Fuzzface Fights the Ninja' was chosen for a US Hendrix tribute album and by skater legend Tony Hawk for his RideTV channel. Craig's loved the 'interesting' side of life since his free-range childhood roaming Sydney from Bondi to Kings Cross and he's been in a labyrinth of metal, punk, funk, blues and strange music ever since. He loves loud guitars, fuzz pedals on 11 and recording studios. New album 'carnivalism' out in early 2017. *Check the meaningless charts*

At the moment his ears are loving Jeff Beck, Rob Zombie, Fantomas, Toe, Henry Rollins, Peter Northcote, Primus, X-Ray Press, Author & Punisher, Clutch, Buckethead, Adrian Belew, Tom Waits, George Lynch, Beasts of Bourbon, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Pere Ubu, Ghosts & Vodka, Ross Hannaford, Bootsy Collins, Trixie Whitley, Joe Satriani, Praxis, Captain Beefheart, Carl Jah, Beth Hart, Wayne Krantz, Sharkmuffin, Jeff Kollman, Zevious, Guthrie Govan...

click for demo from upcoming album 'carnivalism': Fuzz Factory


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