THE BONDI LIFESAVER : Rock n roll sacred site 1972-1980. THE BOOK

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THE BONDI LIFESAVER aka 'The Swap' - was Sydney's rock n roll HQ in Ebley St Bondi Junction from 1972 - 1980. Despite self-inflicted amnesia suffered by most of us who went there, a book is being written about this legendary venue. The author, Craig Griffiths, is a recording musician and Bondi local who spent far too many nights there. He now lives in Tasmania where he's a sleep-deprived media professional, graphic designer and guitar geek. With some on-the-ground research help from fellow Swap-going friends John Ruffels and Kimberly O’Sullivan the book is well on the way to last drinks - but more is always welcome. If you had some great nights at the Lifesaver - perhaps you left brain cells, dna, busted E strings, chunks of drumstick or your virginity behind - please contribute. Don't worry about spelling or grammar - Craig does professional editing on a daily basis. Email:

Samples of Craig's music are on this site and samples of his writing are here: Pacific Longboarder Magazine: music feature ~ Island Magazine: fiction


BOOK UPDATE: The latest contribution is from Fifa Riccobono, the 40-year music industry veteran and Godmother of Aussie rock who nurtured acts such as AC/DC, JPY, Rose Tattoo and The Angels and became CEO of Albert Music. Contributions have already been recieved from Kevin Borich, Don Walker (Cold Chisel), Buzz Bidstrup (The Angels), John Paul Young, Helen Carter (Do Re Mi), Marcia Hines, Michael Chugg, Kimberlina Parkes (Lifesaver co-owner), Todd Hunter (Dragon), Kerry Jacobson (Dragon), Ray Goodwin (Dragon), Ronnie Peel (JPY, La De Das), Warren ‘Pig’ Morgan (Billy Thorpe, JPY), Mick Leyton ("the Lifesaver band"), Gary Young (Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Zep), Wayne Duncan (Daddy Cool), Peter Koppes (The Church), Neale Johns (Blackfeather), Warwick Fraser (Blackfeather), Broderick Smith (Dingoes), Dave Warner, Chane Chane (La Femme), Ken Murdoch (Taste, Texas), Ken Gormly (Cruel Sea), Greg Morris (Johnny Dole & the Scabs), Gillian Eastoe, Michael Parks (Jimmy & the Boys), Donnie Sutherland, Anthony O'Grady, Jen Jewel Brown and many more including punters and crew.. If you performed, worked or partied at the Lifesaver please get in touch with Craig!


home : email : facebook : youtube : bondi lifesaver book :

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