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Snellie Dubois: Art Collector and Provocateur

Artworld's Felicity Snodge-Faberge recently caught up with Snellie Dubois at Toronto's exclusive Glitterati cafe. Over soy-free soy lattes Snellie talked about art, music, philosophy and truffle hunting in the Paris Underground. Felicity talked about herself.

1970s 'It Girl': Life after Bondi

Artist's model Kimberly O'Sullivan never wanted the party to stop. In 1977 she was eyeing Kev Borich at The Swap in Ebley St Bondi. In 2013 she discovered she'd forgotten to go home and was still sitting at The Swap. It was time for a change. Some of that may not be true, but it was Ebley St, and it was time for a change, and her vee-knees did need washing.

Art Piracy: Who is This Man?

Don't let gallery owner Schooner O'Resch take you for a cruise. Budding collector K.B. Lager learned the hard way. "I paid $5000 for a tall ship art cruise up the Coogee estuary and a painting of early settlers surfing at Bronte by local artist Martin Greer. All I got was a lousy finger painting by O'Resch. I think there's a seagull in it, but I'm not sure."

Sportscars of the Rich and Famous

As we all know, artists 'living in Struggle St' is a marketing ploy. Every creative we at meet has wheels worth at least $90k. And collage master John Ruffels is no exception, seen here with his Ferrari Bloat. This beauty runs on unleaded chardonnay and has seats of butterfly leather and a chassis woven from the finest saffron threads.