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- - - - - - - - 1992 IBANEZ RG770 - - - - - - - -

October 2017: Ibanez RG770 made in the FujiGen Gakki factory in Nagano in July 1992. Basswood body, maple Wizard neck and Lo Pro trem. Deep gouges in the neck binding, chips and dents on the body and a pitted fretboard. Whammy was missing so bought an Ibanez replacement from Sydney Guitar Setups. The case is original, so worth saving, but two hinges were held to the lid with gaffa tape and the base was smashed so the case wouldn't stand on its edge.











wtf... maybe rats gnawed on it:


still visible but filled and sanded as smooth as glass:

dents and scratches sanded out, light spray of lacquer:

board scraped flat, gunk and grooves removed, hit with 0000 steel wool and some fretboard conditioner:







aluminium reinforcement bar to support hinges and feet:


ribbon added to case to prevent future hinge damage:



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