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- - - - - - - THE SKULLBUG LAP STEEL - - - - - - -

SOME songs on the new album need stuff that can't be played on the current herd of slide guitars so it's time to lurk in the 100 year old dungeon under my house with the woodworking implements of torture.

SPECS: 22.5" scale length, fully hollow body, custom-made stirng bender. Top & back - premium plywood for stabiltiy and indestructibility. Sides: Radiata pine. Headstock: Tasmanian oak (eucalyptus). Hardware: Fender Telecaster humbucker bridge and control plate, chrome tuners. Pickup: Fender Blackstar Strat humbucker (thanks Steve). Finish: Gloss black enamel. Fingerboard: No idea yet, but it will have little flat metal skulls as fret markers and that's the most important thing.

Last update: April 27 2016. Watch this space...

Down in the dungeon:



Headstock and stubby neck glued and clamped to soundboard:

Headstock brace for strength, decoratation and to get maximum string vibration into the body:

Ready for final sanding and painting:

First coats:

Painting done:

Shaping and polishing nut and bridge:

Telecaster saddles replaced with bar bridge screwed thru old string holes into body. Will string thru saddle screw adustment holes:

Strung, soldered, playable. Wails like a banshee! Needs string bender, fingerboard and microphone added as feedback pickup:


- Build string-bender for pedal steel licks

- Make fingerboard

- Wire up kill switch for fuzzed-up staccato filthy-n-n-n-ness

- Insert microphone and connect for mic, mic+humbucker, humbucker options







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